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Hi there! I’m Linda Andrewski. Before you scroll down for this month’s message, I’d like to give you a quick introduction of who I am. I am a housewife who lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with my husband and family. We have raised 6 children and have 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

I received Jesus Christ’s wonderful love and forgiveness of salvation into my life in 1978 as a teenager and have served Him ever since.

Over the past 37 years, I have taught in the Christian Education System with lower elementary age children.  Primarily second graders.

I have headed up and lead the Children’s Ministry Department of various churches.  Teaching and ministering to children of all ages has been one of my passions and privileges throughout the years.

Intercessory prayer has been a huge part of my life as I’ve walked with the Lord.  I’ve been involved in teaching and speaking to Women’s groups, bringing prayer, inspiration, and hope to many people. 

My husband and I have also lead home Bible Study’s and continue to minister in and through our home in one way or another on a continuous basis at this season in our lives.

And now I have this added opportunity to share messages that the Lord has placed on my heart through internet broadcasting and monthly devotionals.



Changing Seasons


    Every year we experience four seasons.
They each have the same thing occur each year but can be of different patterns
or degrees from year to year, yet always with the same expectations.  In the Winter you expect cold, ice, snow, and
more darkness. In Spring, seeds are planted for food, trees and plants become
alive looking again with more sunlight and warmth. In Summer it’s hot with lots
of sunlight, fruits and vegetables grow, and many more outside activities can
happen. Then Fall comes along and you are harvesting the rest of the food you
planted during springtime. It gets cooler, things begin to die, and yet the
changing colors on the trees and plants are so beautiful.
    It’s the same in our walk and witness for
Jesus.  We go through Winter times of
trials and tribulations, but Spring is always around the corner with new life,
hopes, and visions for what’s next to do for the Kingdom of God.  Then there’s Summer of bearing fruits of
souls from the seeds we planted in the hearts of people during Spring
season.  Fall can be a big harvest and
time of storing up, preparing the children of God to walk steadily in Him and
His Holy Word, our guide to everything.  (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) tells us there is
a season for everything.  Then the cycle
begins all over again.
    Life is always changing in the natural and
the spiritual, but we can count on each season’s return which has a beautiful
purpose of its own.  So no matter what
season you are in right now, know that God is in it with you through the ups
and the downs, the tears and the joy.  Your hopes and dreams will be accomplished, if
not now, then the next season.  Some are
colder or hotter than others.  Don’t
fret, just keep flowing and going forward through each changing season of your