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Author - Co-Bishop Sharon Polk
He's My Personal Friend Jesus Still Heals
Co-Bishop Sharon Polk shares her personal experience of the healing power of God. "You can receive His healing, if you just believe"......... Join Co-Bishop Polk and myself (Donna Sego) as we talk about the book she has written and how God healed her despite what doctors had to say.......... .......... Psalms 23:4 She will be  on WATV. Network.com  Sheltered In His Arms Radio Broadcast,  July 21, 2013 and August 24, 2013 at 3:00pm
Author- Evangelist Vivian Louise
Journey On The Path Of Miracles
Evangelist/Pastor Vivian Louise shares with us some of the Journey she has travelled. "The greatest power in the universe today is not found in world government, military forces, or nuclear weapons. All of the world's greatest, most powerful and influential leaders put together could not contend or compete with this great power. The greatest power in the universe at this very hour is the "divine power of the Holy Spirit",  the third person of the Blessed Trinity. My precious friend and faithful companion; do YOU know Him?".......... ....... Join Evangelist Vivian Louise and myself (Donna Sego) as we share with you the Journey Evangelist Vivian Louise has travelled over the years, she is a dynamic preacher/teacher. She will be on WATV.Network.com Sheltered In His Arms Radio Broadcast on September 8, 2013 3:00pm and continued at 3:30pm
Author - Pastor Phillip D. Wilson
The Last Great Adventure
The Last Great Adventure     (Book Trailer) 
Trailer for The Last Great Adventure, A Novel About Heaven. This novel begins with the real life tragedy of the loss of two teens, Noah Wilson and Kelsie Trobaugh and follows them, as Noah's father imagines what adventures might await them in Heaven.

About the Author: Pastor Phillip D Wilson currently serves as a pastor at Portland First Free Will Baptist Church. He is also a musician, a singer and a CPA. Phil and his wife Sheri live near Nashville. They have two children; Lindsey Jo, her husband Bryant and their son Isaac who live in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and Noah, who lives in Heaven. 
Join us Keith Sego and Donna Sego as we share some insight with Pastor Phillip Wilson on his "Novel About Heaven" as he joins us on WATV.Network.com Sheltered In His Arms Radio Broadcast    Date to be announced