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 Aside from our "Wish Lists" we will offer help to specific groups of people  beginning with our "Communities Seniors who paved our way" and of course we offer sermons, devotionals and words of encouragement to all who visit our website. We have our Internet Radio Broadcast and soon will have our Internet Television Broadcast which will enable us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Acts 1:8

We are not limited to helping people in need who are in the communities we are focused on. If a person is originally from Simpson County area and still have family within the area we may or may not be able to assist a family in need. This however is not part of our "Wish List" program this is another program we offer called  "Across The Miles". 

Across The Miles, helps those with family members who have moved from the communities we focus on, and still have some family living  in "our" areas. A family member should be a child, father, mother (exceptions may or may not be made). Each circumstance is considered on a  case by case situation and we may nor may not be able to help. We require information surrounding the circumstances for a determination to be made.